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Free up Time & Energy,

Amplify Your Impact.

Download the surprisingly Simple 4-step Creator’s Guide

Family-Oriented Small Business Owners are using to:

• Create more Quality Time with their Families

• Grow Revenue by $10k – $30k/month

• Build Relationships that Fuel their Purpose, Passion, & Business

Relationship Coaching for Small Business Owners


Create Confidence

Develop trust in your desires, decisions, and ability to deliver.

Build Intimacy

Nurture a closeness and connection that fuels & energizes you!

Improve Communication

Anchor a safe environment for co-creative communication.

Increase Revenue

Free up emotional capital & watch your revenue grow $10k – $30k/mo !

Hi, I’m Daniel.

I love coaching creators…

And so many creators are burned out, exhausted, frustrated, and worried about their families, and it’s crippling their ability to create, to receive, and to produce results. Can you relate? When you’re overdrawn, your business struggles, your family suffers, and your confidence crumbles.

Book a call below & reclaim your Creative Confidence!

What Clients are Saying…

“Sure I was successful, but I was miserable.

Using coaching to get comfortable feeling all my feelings was key…”

-Angi B.

“I’m so thankful for coaching with you every month MY REVENUE DOUBLES! … I just hired employees so I can be with my girls!”

-Chelsie G.

“I have been to all sorts of therapists, and the stuff in The Intimacy Bridge is amazing! Therapists are missing the mark; how did we never address this?”

-Kerstin C.

Are you ready to Free Up Your Time & Energy?

The Intimacy Bridge coaching program helps small business owners:

STOP. . .

Working consistently long days, nights & weekends
Spending more money than you make
Competing with spouse for money, love, time, & attention
Feeling disconnected, alone, unheard & disappointed

And START! . . .

Working only when you’d LOVE to
Increasing profit, and SAVING money
Co-Creating and implementing a vision where everyone wins
Sourcing safety, trust, respect, and understanding

The Intimacy Bridge Coaching Program

You’re only ONE DECISION AWAY from the connective relationships & impact you desire…

How do I know if The Intimacy Bridge is right for me?

What if I have a blended family? What if I’ve already tried small business coaching? Can this really work for me?

Great questions!

Click below for answers to some of the most common questions about The Intimacy Bridge relationship coaching program…

Or, read what clients are saying about their results…

Free Up Your Time & Energy. Create Epic Relationships. Get started today!

The Intimacy Bridge

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