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What’s Draining You

The opposite of telling the truth…

Is arguing with your thoughts & feelings—and trying to banish them, clamp 🗜 them, hide them.

What’s ironic is everyone already knows,

What you are thinking and feeling,

(not to mention how your body screaming at you with knee pain, back pain, exhaustion, and sexual dysfunction ) 

Your thoughts and feelings ARE the elephant in the room 🐘 

They show up in your business. They show up in the gym. You think you can hide your body language, but you really can’t. It’s not possible.

They speak your thoughts, and feelings.


You May as well just pause to listen to them…

And tell the truth about them.

Transparency is quickly becoming one of the most important currencies in the Marketplace.

Telling the truth transparently about your thoughts and feelings

Will quickly move you from <<<<<<Exhausted –to– Energized>>>>>>>

And yes, it IS terrifying, that’s normal 😁

If you want help building your capacity to handle terrifying things like telling the truth, call me ♥️


One important distinction with all this is:

You can keep many of your thoughts and feelings just for you, you don’t have to share them all 😳

You can Journal them privately

Speak them in the mirror, or in a solo car-ride


But if you swallow them

They will crush you

Don’t get crushed



#FlyFree 🕊 


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