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This Is NOT Helping

The mood at the grocery store this morning was HEA-VY. Tension was thick as shoppers scrounged increasingly empty shelves for what their families needed,

But no one was quite ready for my secret weapon…I could tell by the shocked and confused look on their faces that had no idea what hit them…


Much has been said about the supply chain, about inflation, and about the cataclysm that is surely coming when stressed people are stretched even farther by inflated housing, gas, food, and everything-else prices.

All that feels HEAVY

And I could palpably taste it as scampering shoppers stared at the floor nervously hoping the all the inventory holes on the shelves won’t be permanent.

As I shopped this morning I reflected on how independent Americans are.

After all, that’s what started this country,

A Declaration of Independence.

But what if the era of Independence is coming to a close?

And no, I’m not recommending communism, nor socialism–

but as I shopped, and looked people in the face,

and said “Good morning”

and “Thank you”

and “Hi”…

Most people were confused.

When I wished the production team at the Bagel Shop a “Happy Monday!”

Some of them looked at the floor. Some of them gave me suspicious eyebrows and scoffs. But one laughed and said “Thank you!” back.


Every problem we experience is tied to a relationship of some kind,

whether with my thoughts, my spouse, my body, my kid, my supplier, my milk man…

Every single item I want to create, consume, or experience….

is related to someone, somewhere.

Or some idea from God or the Divine.

Every problem we experience is tied to relationship of some kind,

As so is every solution.

The Era of Independence it seems, is coming to a close.

And what will come in its place?

Stephen Covey suggests it’s “Inter-Dependence”

…wherein we work with other humans to co-create value for everyone involved.

If the apocalypse really is coming,

I’d highly highly recommend getting less scared, and less competitive,

and start making more friends.

If we’re really going to be fighting over food & shelter, and resources…

and holding out basements forts together…

Don’t you want to have some amazing friends to do it with?

And what if you were amazing friends with everyone you met…?

And why not start right now today at the grocery store, and the bagel shop??

And your home.

And in the mirror.

Be nice Creators.

Get curious. Seek to understand.

Invest in Rich Relationships. We are stronger together than we are individually.

Love you

No matter what comes.


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