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The Celestial Secret

This blew my mind this week 🤯

The main difference that sets apart a Celestial Kingdom inheritance…

and Terrestrial Kingdom inheritance in Doctrine & Covenants 76,

Is my capacity to RECEIVE.


That’s it.

My ability, willingness, and capacity to RECEIVE.

Here what’s the book says:

“74 [Terrestrial Inheritors are those] Who RECEIVED NOT the testimony of Jesus in the flesh, but afterwards received it”

76 These are they who RECEIVE of [Gods] glory, BUT NOT OF HIS FULLNESS

77 These are they who RECEIVE of the presence of the Son, but not of the fulness of the Father”


So when you find yourself saying “I just need my 2 million to retire and that will be enough”

“No don’t send that Venmo over for gas you don’t have to do that”

“No, don’t buy me that I feel uncomfortable when people buy me lunch”

“Mmm, no I’m not ready to invest in my business and my marriage yet”

That kind of thinking… 💭


Is not aligned with Celestial Inheritance.

If you think life has to be hard,

and you get Squeemish receiving




-more money to allocate

-sexual advances from your partner (and others—you don’t have to say yes, nor shut them down)

Then you are not aligned with Celestial thinking

Listen to how Jesus breaks it down in Matthew 13: 10-11

“For whosoever receiveth, to him/her shall be given and s/he shall have more abundance; but whoso continueth not to receive, from them shall be taken away even that which they hath”


Stop telling God no!

Stop limiting nature!

Stop limiting Source!

Stop trying to be “enough”

“Enough” is not a Celestial concept.

It doesn’t exist there.

Stop telling LIFE no,

Unless that’s where you are comfortable. It’s totally your choice,

But you can’t DO (give) your way into Celestial Glory


And if you suck at receiving—

And you delay, and push it away, and have low confidence to steward what you receive (Energy, time, money, attractiveness etc)

That is what creates the default of Terrestrial living.

Which is fine

Celestial isn’t for everyone.

It could be, it’s available, but it YOUR CHOICE

You own that choice it by expanding your capacity to RECEIVE


Creating Self Trust and Expanding your Creative Confidence is VITALLY FOUNDATIONAL to expanding your capacity to RECEIVE

Most married business owners I work with DONT TRUST THEMSELVES to steward more money, so they are stuck and their business is stahled out, and their expenses are way higher than what they are willing to RECEIVE by paying themselves

You guys,RECEIVE!

So many people say they want more money, and a house, and more connection with your partner and better sex,

And you don’t. You simply don’t.

Because If you did, you’d freaking receive it.

But you’re not receiving it.

You are delaying it, making excuses about it, blaming your partner or customers about it, telling stories about why you aren’t worthy of it

It’s a confidence question

A self-trust issue


God doesn’t cheap-ass his canyons

He goes full out!! Have you tried to count the trees??

God doesn’t scrimp and save and coupon his temples, no matter what country they are in

Receive what he’s trying to bathe you in!!

Grow your Creative Confidence to Receive!!

If you want help receiving, call me


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