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Real Results from Ambitious Clients…

Free Up Time & Energy

“I’m not working any harder than I used to, but we just went over $300,000! It’s freeing to have extra at the end of the month.

Getting the focus off the money, and onto what I actually want to create in my relationships is resolving my issues within hours, minutes, & days…instead of weeks, months, & years”

-Angi B.

Feel Emotionally Connected

“My husband is so supportive of coaching. He told just the other day how, on the week I met Daniel he had been praying for help for our marriage. He has seen so much change in my ability to be calm, and to connect.

I hadn’t cried with my husband ever in 27 years of marriage, and when I showed him what we’d been coaching on he said “Is this really what you are going through?” And we cried together for the first time. This was so huge for me. When he cuddled me I could actually feel it because I gave away the resentment that had been blocking it for so long.

-Amanda G.

Revenue Growth

“I doubled my business revenue from $3,000/mo to $6,000/mo, and hired employees so I could be with my kids. And then we recently grew again to $10,000/mo!

My favorite part is my husband is inviting ME on shopping trips to my favorite places!”

-Chelsie G.

Clients also report experiencing…

  • Improved Communication

…like Amie

  • More fulfilling, connective sex

…like H.S.

  • Greater trust in themselves & their partners

…like Laura

  • Increased revenue

…like Chelsie

  • More confidence to create what they really want

…like Holly

Desire. Decide. Declare. Receive!

Build Confidence

“I feel more confident in my ability to see the reasons I’m doing things and then choose if I really want to do them or not. I’m speaking what I need without feeling guilty about it!

I noticed I’ve had a lot less judgment towards my partner and way more compassion for him.

It feels really good because I’m saying YES to what I really want and I’m not forcing myself to do things I don’t want to do, and I feel like it’s opening my eyes to what’s possible when you say YES to yourself.

-Holly H.

Fulfilling Connection

“Working with Daniel has changed my life in so many ways that I never even knew were possible… I have been able to create better connections with my husband, my children, and most importantly myself.”

-Kerstin C.

Attraction & Communication

The conversations and the way that my husband and I have communicated recently have been sooo incredible! There has been a different magnetism to our communication and the way we’ve been able to relate to each other. I can honestly say before coaching I was so far away from the marriage I dreamed of, and now I actually feel like we have it… The connection I always dreamed of is here.” 

-Amie V.

Connective Sex

“Because of the Intimacy Bridge I trusted myself to let myself get angry in my closet for the first time ever, and shortly thereafter had one of the best climaxes with my husband in a long long time!

And even when my two year old kept interrupting us, I wasn’t seeing her as an obstacle like I used to. I was loving and kind, putting her back in bed, and all that contributed to an incredible sexual connection with my partner.”


Will you be next?

Releasing Control to Make Room for Attraction

“For the entire length of my relationship with my partner (13 years) I’ve struggled with this “parent/child” dynamic. My partner was the one that was very needy emotionally and I always felt like the stable one emotionally, but yet I would always give in to his tantrums. I didn’t know what it meant to set boundaries. Only recently while coaching with Daniel Adams have I been able to break some of those pattens and oh man were they NOT what I was expecting. 

I actually coached with Daniel for 6 months with the intention of building attraction to my partner; because after 13 years of being the parent I literally had lost attraction to the point I didn’t think it was possible to get it back. I spent 6 months of coaching thinking that I was shifting so much, but actually still holding so much blame and resentment. I was waiting for some massive change to happen in my partner because…shit, I was putting in so much work, on myself.

Why was he still not becoming the person that I wanted him to be???

There was a point toward the end of that 6 months that I was just DONE. I was so exhausted. Being the parent was draining every ounce of energy I had to give. I knew I had a choice to make. I could choose to free myself from this drama and go find someone who was more spiritual, more masculine, more aware, someone that I deserved. (because I was becoming so woke… 🤦🏻‍♀️) OR I could choose to re-Commit fully to him. 

There was a strong part of me that wanted so badly to run from all of that tension, yet deep down I knew that if I did run and I didn’t heal what was triggering me so hardcore I would only recreate this dynamic in other relationships. I did not go back into the relationship with the mindset to fix him, Instead I chose to turn and face MY own demons, my own insecurities. And boy are they deep.

I’ve discovered my very deep insecurity and need to be in control. One of the biggest things I’ve recently realized is that I truly deep down thought that I was better, more superior than him. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s true. This belief was the underlying thorn in my side. I have had to consciously choose to see him with new eyes. I was so closed off to him that I could not receive.

I couldn’t receive his touch, his compliments, his gifts, his love… I couldn’t receive him. And because his energy is just sooo BIG, I judged him as being too much and his too muchness threatened my finely crafted walls that guarded my heart, that protected me. I was afraid that if I fully let him in I would lose my autonomy and personal space that I hold so sacred. I was so afraid of being smothered by his too muchness and losing myself.  

I had heard this soooo many times before but in a moment of journaling about this I had an epiphany and realized that  I GET TO SOURCE MY OWN SAFETY!!! I don’t need him to change a damn thing in order for me to be safe. I Am Safe. I AM Safe. Daniel shared an analogy with me that really helped this land.

If my thoughtful neighbor brought me a plate of chocolatey chocolate chip cookies that are loaded with sugar, am I obligated to eat the whole plate? Am I obligated to even eat one? No, absolutely not. But I can … fully receive every ounce of love and kindness that was served to me, without actually having to go against what is true for me or healthy for me. I can fully receive all of the love and bigness that he offers without being smothered by it. This is what setting boundaries now means to me at least in this situation. This is how I can source safety.

Since that realization, I have chosen daily to create a different belief about him and I’m amazed at all the beautiful parts of him that I have just chosen not to see over the years. I cried with him the other night, just in awe at his ability to be so open! His ability to forgive and just love. The more that I open my eyes and my heart to see his strengths the more I find. I realized that In so many ways he is actually living the more spiritual life, without even knowing or trying, and I’ve been the one in judgment and keeping myself stuck. I had so much pride. I realized how much I can actually learn from him when I’m not trying to change him.

Obviously I’m not saying that my way is THE way, but it has definitely created much more intimacy for us.”

-Jessica D.

Personal Clarity

“Daniel held space and asked questions and let me cry and helped me really listen to my own intuition. In the end I found great clarity on my path, and now I understand why he’s such a brilliant life coach.”

-Megan B.

Money Growth

“The more honest I’ve been with my partnernot withholding my emotionshas made space for an extra $18,470.

I made a decision to shift out of people-pleasing mode…and into treating myself as an equal instead of resenting everyone else. That’s when money flowed.

-Kyson K.

Massive Value

“I got more out of 3 days at The Intimacy Bridge Valentine’s retreat than I did in years of therapy, meditation, reiki, and anything else, and I mean that.”

-Kristin S.

Excited about LIFE

“I haven’t felt this excited about life for a long time! Coaching is the best money I’ve ever spent in my life, and I’ve bought some pretty cool shit.”

-Shirley B.

Free Up Emotional Capital

“The Intimacy bridge program teaches simple yet profound principles. They give you the building blocks to create. Through the time I spent coaching with Daniel, I have created peace within my heart and home. I remembered just how powerful choosing is and continue to make choices to align me to my visions and goals.

My partner and I have created a safe place where we both feel heard and seen. This improved connection has led to more contentment and communication and our marriage is now a place of support and love. This is truly an investment that is worth it. Our energy is no longer draining us and pulling us down. We both have more energy for our jobs and passions. These profound changes happen so quickly and I am still amazed how our marriage was turned around when I thought for sure it was over.

It was through Daniel’s curious questions, I was able to examine my own actions and thoughts and stick with my desire for change. I am now connected to my own sense of power and worth. I highly recommend and look forward to learning more from him.”

-Laura D.

Free Up Emotional Capital

“Daniel taught me skills I’ve never even considered. He asked deep questions and invited me to talk with Jesus in a way I’ve never done. He guided me as I broke through self-destructive behaviors in my thinking and helped me understand the power the atonement of Christ can have as I change my focus and power of thinking.

It was during coaching for 6 months that I experienced the power that marriage is. I learned from God what it means to cleave and to be intimate. Daniel isn’t who changed me, he was just the means that God used to fix my heart and change my understanding.

I’ve learned in the last year more about intimacy in marriage than I knew the other 17 years we’ve been married. Shawn and I are more connected, intentional, and strengthened than at any other time of our marriage.

Daniel had the skills, training and understanding to teach me how to be a better me, a better wife, a better mother, a better daughter and to look myself and be truthful.

Thank you, Daniel for being a powerful influence on my life and the way you have helped change the dynamic in our family, and our life.”

-Heather S.

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