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The Intimacy Bridge:


What if my spouse won’t participate…

will this still work for me?

Yes! Because it only takes one partner to shift a pattern.

Many clients participate solo, and yet the magic of the work they do creates spontaneous shifts in their spouses…like Angi, who reported: “My husband has started holding my hand without me asking! It’s been years!”

Do I have to be a business owner?

Nope. The Intimacy Bridge is designed to benefit Creators with a growth mindset and a commitment to create their desired results. This includes business owners & entrepreneurs (and their spouses), as well as influencers & creators. As long as you’re open to receive new ideas and committed to implement them, The Intimacy Bridge will work for you.

We’ve been to a lot of therapists, what’s different about coaching?

Great question! While therapy is often focused on problems, “fixing” what’s wrong with your relationship, re-hashing the past, and proving to insurance companies why you are so severely broken they need to pay for you to continue….

The Intimacy Bridge coaching program focuses on Building what you actually want to Create, instead of arguing about whose fault it is for 12 weeks.

Additionally, instead of merely talking, The Intimacy Bridge has numerous hands-on activities geared toward kinesthetic learners — like most men & women are.

In conclusion, what has been so effective for clients is that The Intimacy Bridge focuses on freeing up your time & energy, discovering strengths, building confidence by closing integrity gaps, and the results speak for themselves.

How long is the program & How long will it take to see results?

Clients have created 5-figure increases, destroyed limiting beliefs & conquered emotional blocks after only one call!

…AND, continually applying the habits and mindset shifts in The Intimacy Bridge over 6+ months is what produces the longest lasting effects for small business owners. For this reason, both 6- and 12-month coaching packages are available.

We’re on a budget, what’s the investment?

Packages start at $12,500; which is less than the average kitchen renovation ($12,500 – $34,900 according to HomeAdvisor), and definitely less than the court fees to settle over that kitchen after divorce ($12,900 and 12 months).

Many business owners consider their coaching investments a far better value than the average student loan debt of $32,731 on the college degree they rarely use.

Are there payment plans available?


and the couples who created the biggest results paid in-full up-front.

What kind of results can I expect?

-Add $10,000 – $300,000+ to your family’s income (like Laura, Angi, Bryan, Heather, & Chelsie)

-Feel energized by coming into full integrity…so you don’t have to pound four energy drinks just to get through the day (like Jen & Kyson)

-Install connective communication habits to shorten conflict windows (like Kristin)

-Create safe, nourishing, and fulfilling sex (it’s part of what gets money flowing for creators like Heather)

-Anchor Deep-Seated Confidence in your Decision Making (like Holly, Megan)

And lots more!

Read more inspiring Client Results here.

Do you do energy work?

I don’t.

I coach.

“Coaching” means getting clear on what result you want, and then creating it.

We may talk about ‘energy’ the same a physics teacher might, but it’s very concrete. That’s why both husbands & wives see such impactful results in their finance, in their bodies, and in their confidence.

How much for a single session? Can’t I just do one month or something?

I served thousands of clients each year in single sessions, and group sessions, and short term agreements,

And what I noticed was that clients’ goals, families, & dreams were so important that they deserved more than just a session. We go very deep very quickly because of your commitment, and I’d hate to guide you half way up the mountain and then disappear on you, leaving you wide open mid-process.

That’s why I only offer 6 -12 month packages. We free up massive amounts of emotional capital in our first call, and over the first month, we take care of any relational hemorrhaging. But don’t just call someone every time you need a temporary Band-Aid!! The next 5+ months of coaching help you grow the self-confidence to care for your own wounds, so you can handle anything that comes your way!

The multi-hundred to thousand dollar breakthroughs,

The shared VISION & ENERGIZED enthusiasm,

The emotional closeness,

It all takes time to cook.

Don’t take it out of the oven early. Give it 6-12 months to really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Am I really worth this investment?

This question is at the core of every client’s coaching journey—

along withDo I TRUST myself to make this work for me??”

And those are two questions only YOU can answer!

If you are “YES!” to seeing your value (and having it reflect in your relationships and your bank account), Schedule your free consultation below.

How do I get started?

Click below to Schedule a Complimentary Consultation (spouses welcome but not required) & Learn how The Intimacy Bridge relationship coaching program can work for you!

The Intimacy Bridge

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