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The Intimacy Bridge

Relationship Coaching Program

Before we get to features, let’s talk RESULTS

and how to SOURCE CERTAINTY that going ALL-IN on this coaching program will create the connected relationships & impact you desire for decades to come.

Program Outcomes

What kind of results can I expect from coaching?

BEFORE The Intimacy Bridge…

When people make the decision to coach with Daniel, they’re usually experiencing…

  1. Feeling Overworked & Spending everything they earn
  2. Doubting their decision making, second-guessing themselves often
  3. Afraid to declare what they REALLY desire, and failing to apply the skills to create it
  4. Arguing over dumb things & taking it out on their kids later
  5. Being terrified of their feelings, and missing out on joy while staying numb
  6. Struggling to RECEIVE—Compliments, money, joy, connection, praise, pleasure, Clients they LOVE working with
  7. Faking orgasm and having one-sided sex, so it becomes an avoidant chore
  8. Poor clarity on where their relationship is going, and what they truly want out of it—It’s on default

AFTER The Intimacy Bridge…

Graduates of The Intimacy Bridge coaching program report experiencing…

  1. Feeling Excited in their work & Saving More of what they make
  2. Feeling fully confident in their decision making in their relationships, business, and parenting
  3. Boldly declaring what they DESIRE, and creating it!!
  4. Installing effective, connective communication
  5. Developing a close relationship with their Anger, Sadness, Fear & Joy, freeing up emotional capital
  6. Building self-trust and opening the body to receive pleasure, success, connection & more money
  7. Opening up connective, mutual orgasms & a depth of intimacy that energizes and unites
  8. A clear, shared Vision for their business, relationship, and family—On the same page, intentionally working together toward shared goals

These are just a few of the results that actual clients have experienced…and you can too!

Create Results That Last for Decades

The only thing standing between you and your goals is—A DECISION.

Decide. Decide. Decide. The loudest feedback from every graduate is that Indecision and Doubt kill attraction, financial flow, and value creation.

At the core of every relationship and business issue is a self-trust and confidence problem, and that can only be solved with a decision—by YOU!!

Decide right here and now how important your dreams are, and how vital it is that your relationship supports those goals—instead of distracts you from them.

Go ALL-IN! Decide to play FULL-OUT!!

Based on client results I am 100% confident that coaching will be a pivot point that unites your relationship and grows your business impact & profits year after year!

So, if you’re ready to go ALL-IN on uniting your relationship,

And freeing up more time & energy to amplify your impact…

Decide below on the features that best fit your goals!

Program Features

Each coaching package is bursting with a carefully measured mix of:

1:1 Coaching Calls

Three (3) 60-min. coaching calls per month to work through your challenges and install new habits and beliefs to get your relationship & business thriving!

(In-person or Zoom)

Couple Calls

Get on the same page! In addition to 1:1 calls, couple calls create massive breakthroughs in communication and freeing up emotional capital.

Monthly Group Mastermind Call

One (1) group mastermind call per month to anchor vital concepts, benefit & learn from the synergy and experiences of others, and feel the relief in realizing you’re not alone.

Course Material

Lifetime access to course content that installs the pillars of The Intimacy Bridge, so you can free up time & energy and take your relationships from distracting & disconnected to supportive & energizing!

In-Person Experientials

In-person Experiential are custom tailored to Free Up Your Emotional Capital, Create Connection in your Relationships, and Expanding your capacity to Receive.

Marco Polo Support

Access to Daniel in-between calls, so you can ask questions, get clear on your next steps, work through your frustrations to bring clarity to conversations, celebrate your wins, and so much more!

Craft Your Coaching Experience


Intimacy Bridge Course

1:1 Coaching Calls

Exclusive Group Mastermind Call

In-person Experiential – Deep Dive Weekend

Marco Polo Access

(for additional support between calls)


(6 spots)


Intimacy Bridge Course

1:1 Coaching Calls – For Each Partner

Exclusive Group Mastermind Call

Marco Polo Support x2

Access for Each Partner

In-person Experiential Deep Dive Weeknd

Couple Calls – In Addition to 1:1 Calls

(Biggest breakthroughs happen here)


(2 Couples per year)

How do I get started?

Click below to schedule a free consultation (spouses welcome but not required)

& make The Intimacy Bridge Coaching work for you!

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The Intimacy Bridge

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