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Hey Creators, Small Business Owners, Visionaries, Leaders (of families & organizations), Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Change Makers…

You, with the MASSIVE visions and dreams.

We see you!

We know you’ve felt Divinely Inspired to 

-Create a business

-Make an impact

-Lead your family &/or the world through big changes

You know you’re here for a reason & you have strong desires to show up and serve & create in powerful ways,

To leave a legacy, Make a change, Raise the next generation of impactful leaders, Leave the world better than you found it.

But somewhere along the way, your enthusiasm turned to stress,

And you started feeling:







-& Overdrawn

…No matter how much money you make you spend it, 

No matter how much you do, it’s not enough.

You’re struggling to meet everybody’s needs,

Including your own. 

As you’ve probably noticed:

This makes it really hard to live your purpose;

To grow your business, make your impact, connect with your family, and feel joy and fulfillment in the process.

And after years of living this way

Searching for answers to no avail,

You may have started questioning God, or your church

Or your marriage partner

Or your abilities as a Mother/Father or Business Owner

You may wonder if your Decision Making skills are up to par

Or if you’ve got the Confidence & Capacity 

To really make a difference.



It’s possible to do it all.

What if You could:

-Grow your business, 

-Make your impact, 

-Live your dreams, 

-& Support your family…

AND, Feel energized, enthused, supported, connected, confident, and overflowing with love and excitement while you do it!

Free up Time & Energy to Amplify your Impact.

Hi! We’re Daniel & Tina Adams.

And we believe in a world where living your purpose can be fulfilling & fun!

A world where creating and serving can be energizing & exciting!

A world where your relationships can support your vision and amplify your impact!

A world where everyone’s needs can be met—especially yours.

We believe inspired ideas are coming to You

because You have the capacity to create them.

And we believe The world needs what you came here to create!

Your family needs what you can create.

Your community needs what you can create.

Even You need what you can create.

But it’s hard to create if you’re tired, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, in conflict, or stressed.

That’s where we come in.

We help family-oriented creators and small business owners, like you, free up your time & energy, so you feel supported & energized to amplify your impact.

Are you ready?

Book a free Discovery Call 

To find out where your time & energy are leaking out,

Learn how to get them back

And make the difference you’re meant to make!

The Intimacy Bridge

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